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Top custom closets designing tips

Top custom closets designing tips

Top custom closets designing tips

When it comes to designing a custom closet, it is a complicated process and can be a bit overwhelming. Doing it yourself can seem almost impossible! For that reason, you need to approach well-trained and experienced furniture designers. At Empire Closets, we provide our customers with an almost endless amount of custom closet design options in the New York area. Being expert closet design professionals, we intend to design a modern, sophisticated storage space that is sure to meet all of your organizational needs. In this post, we’ll explain the things you’ll need to avoid when designing your own custom closets.

Never use angled shoe racks: Most people live with this misconception that shoe racks should be angled like they are in a store setting. In reality, shoe racks need to be flat so that footwear doesn’t slide off of them. Besides this, there are two major benefits of having a flat shoe rack, they are adjustable as well as affordable. On the other hand, angled racks come with added expenses like “shoe fences” to keep shoes from slipping off the rack. They also need to be locked into place, which restrict their use to shoes only.

Hanging clothes perpendicular to each other is a big no-no: If you hang clothes perpendicularly to each other, you may end up having clothes that will run into one another at the corners. This may end up cutting off over 24 inches of storage space. For this reason, you can include shelving to ensure maximizing of your closet space. Empire closets also specializes in closet shelving throughout NYC.

Never build closets that are 22 inches deep: The best way to design any reliable storage system is to make sure that it meets all of your storage needs and fits the dimensions of your hangers as well as your other belongings. With closets less than 22 inches deep, your hangers may hang onto the wall, or protrude into your walkway. It’s best to try and avoid this at all costs.

Say no to corner shelves: No matter what you have read or been told, corner shelves are not the right installation for you. They are not only expensive but also hard to install, making it all the more inconvenient to you. Additionally, not every closet has enough space to fit corner shelves. Rather, you can try simply wall shelving! Pro-tip: as a general rule, to maximize overall closet spacing, never hang your clothes perpendicularly from each other.

Don’t install an island if your closet is smaller than 12-by-12: When it comes to islands, they are the dream addition of every homeowner to custom closet. However, they aren’t meant for everyone. To install island, you need to have the right spacing to ensure it looks good as well as feel spacious within a closet. This is why a walkway with 36-inches on each side of the island is ideal. This equates to a 12-by-12 closet space. Anything smaller than a 12-by-12 design may end up sacrificing your overall closet space.

Fo more suggestions on designing your own custom closets in the Greater New York/Tri-State area, call the experts at Empire Closets of NY (855) 367-2006. We pride ourselves on being the leading company that specializes in custom closet installation throughout the New York/Tri-State area.

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