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Closet Designs

Custom Closets Installation in Manhattan, New York Reach-In Closet are custom made to fit any size or shape to help you gain more space for storage from cubbies to draws, from shelve to baskets. The options are endless. Five-star closets that have a great appearance and most of all, is very...

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Customize Wall

Customize Wall Units in Manhattan, New York Do you think that your space is not big enough to store your items? If you think the answer to this question is yes, give us a chance to build you a custom wall unit in Manhattan so that you improve your storage capacity and give yourself plenty of...

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Media Centers

Custom Entertainment Units in Queens, New York Our entertainment units will be the talk of the night when you have guests over. We can build you the entertainment unit of your dreams with everything you need right there for you and your guests to relax and have a great time. We design and...

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Office Designs

Custom Office and Desk Designs in New York | Library Unit Installations Our group of office design experts has years of experience in building custom-made office desks and library units. We’ll help you organize your office or library with our unique office furnishings. At Empire Closets...

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Pantries Closets

Pantries and Kitchen Storage Designs in Far Rockaway, New York Owning a home with a beautiful kitchen is a dream for anyone! That’s why we put so much effort into creating masterpieces for your kitchen storage needs. Pantries are a crucial component when it comes to the functionality and...

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Wall Bed

Wall Bed Installation in New York Living in New York, it is hard to find a place to put everything. Even a bed. That’s why we offer design solutions that combine both storage and a bed that can be put away when needed. No matter how big or small your space is. Custom made wall beds free up...

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Radiator Cover

Radiator Cover Designs Radiators, especially older ones often have unsightly covers. They end up making the ambience of the room they are in unattractive. At Empire Closets Inc, we are dedicated to offer our customers top quality cabinets that come also function as radiator covers. The unique...

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Garages Closets

Garage Closet Designs and Installations A garage is designed not only to park your car. It’s a space that can be used as your home workshop, art studio or just a place to store extra goods. People often find it difficult to store their garage tools, lawn equipment, and many other things,...

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Styles Options

Styles Options We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer can be delivered to you within 2-3 business days. Color Options We have a variety of different Melamine colors available and can also paint or stain as...

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Living Room Designs

Living Room Designs Living room is a shared living space which is often called a family room or the entertainment hub. It is the often an adaptable playroom for kids or an entertainment zone during family nights. Such a multi-faceted space needs to be properly organized without the sacrifice...

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Custom Closets Solutions

Custom Closet Designs, Installations in Manhattan, New York Our closets are custom made to be any size or shape, and help you gain more space for storage like cubbies, drawers, shelves & baskets. The options are endless. We build excellent closets that have a great appearance and...

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