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  • Jason Perez

    Great service and professional was very happy with his job and I will recommend it.

  • Daphna Kahane

    I have recently had Empire Closets build "walk-in" closets as well as a "wall unit". I am very satisfied with the quality of the product and the installation. It's refreshing to find a business that has not only the expertise but also the pride in the work. I will definitely use them again! Prices are fair too.

  • Marsha Page

    I really enjoyed my experience with the staff at Empire Closets. They are very professional and know what they are doing. I was very pleased with my closet. I was amazed they can turn a small attic closet into a spacious walk-in, leaving everything neat, organized and open. Will use them again. Thank you Cynthia and Richie

  • Michael Hershkowitz

    I am a general contractor whose clientele are very demanding. I only use Empire Closet for my client's interior closet fit-outs. Richie and Cynthia are always there to measure and install when required. In addition, if any issues pop up they run back to satisfy my clients. I have tried many, but they are the best.

  • Eva Georgsson

    I was very happy with all of the work Empire did for us. We had modern hallway closets and pantry done as well as bedroom closets. They were professional and did a great job. We are very happy with the quality of their work.

  • Roseanne Cruz

    Transformation of my room has been incredible! Empire Closets pricing is totally reasonable. Quality and craftsmanship is also worth noting. I highly recommend this company and intend to work with them in the future.

  • Stanley Nagler

    The best addition in our apartment. They were on budget, prompt and accurate. High Praise

  • Kimberly Sullivan

    ...have been extremely accommodating and attention to detail has been terrific!

  • Monica Harte

    I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how very happy and pleased my husband and I are with our new bedroom. The way you designed it gives us so much more room and is very comfortable. The guys that came to install and build the various components were very professional, quick, and left the pace clean. Overall, I want to thank you for your many suggestions.

  • George Laskaris

    I can't say enough good things about Empire Closets. They did an amazing job for me - I recently gut-renovated my apartment and Empire built my kitchen cabinets, closets, bookcase, and bathroom vanities. I was so impressed with their professionalism and craftsmanship. I love that they are a small company and the owner Richie is terrific. They are reasonably priced too. I highly recommend them for any of your cabinet and closet needs.

  • Joseph Artel

    Empire did a great job on my closets. Easy to work with and knowledgeable designers. Prices are very fair.

  • Beth Krugman

    Empire Closet did a great job on y closet, and I know you'll get more work from Mr. Stuart and Mr. Romano because they both thought your work was beautiful. Not only have we been able to put everything away, but we have more hanging room in the Platinum Color master bedroom closet then we need. Can you believe that?

  • Kiran Chaturvedi

    ...The team from Empire Closets worked on beautifying my apartment building, delivering and installing custom made closet and furniture for my home office and bedrooms. The entire job was done in a professional and timely manner to my complete satisfaction. I was also impressed by their workmanship and creativity, without compromising aestheticism. I am utilizing their service again for another one of my properties.

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Custom Closets In Gravesend

The Benefits of Hiring a Kings County Professional for Your Walk-In Closet Design Needs

Since 2006, Empire Closets, a leading Gravesend, NY custom closets designer and installer, has been maximizing the use of closets throughout Kings County homes. Our team of professionally trained, licensed, and insured closet designers are experts in their field and are dedicated to providing exceptional results. Using the highest end products and materials, combined with proven techniques and strategies, we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. If you’re interested in professional walk-in closet design for your Kings County home, look no further than Empire Closets.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Who Specializes in Gravesend, NY Custom Closets

A walk-in closet is an asset to your Kings County home. It provides you with a space to store your clothing, shoes, accessories, and anything else that you want to keep out-of-sight. However, if you really want to maximize the usability of this feature, you might be considering investing in a walk-in closet design. If you consider yourself handy, you may be thinking about doing the job yourself; however, before you pull out a measuring tape and start stocking up on supplies, here’s a look at some very good reasons why you should forego the DIY approach and hire a Gravesend, NY custom closets company for your walk-in closet design project instead.


Sure, you may be able to purchase pre-fabricated shelves, racks, and other storage products that are intended for closets, but you’re limited to what you can find at retailers, and those products may not fit into your Kings County closet or suit your specific needs. A professional who specializes in Gravesend, NY custom closets will be able to create storage solutions that will be truly customized to meet your specific needs. They’ll perform a full assessment of your closet, will discuss your specific goals, and will incorporate shelves, racks, drawers, and other features that will accommodate all of the items that you need to store so that they’re neat, organized, and easily accessible.

Top-Quality Materials

While it’s true that there are some good-quality closet organization products on the market, as previously stated, you’re limited to what home improvements stores and online retailers carry. With a professional Kings County walk-in closet designer, on the other hand, your Gravesend, NY custom closet will be designed with the highest quality products. That’s because professional closet designers will have access to the largest selection of storage solutions made by the best manufacturers in the industry. They’ll also be able to custom design and build racks, shelves, drawers, and more with top-quality materials. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to select the materials that the features of your walk-in closet will be constructed of.

Better Results

There’s no shortage of DIY tutorials that you can use to guide you through the process of creating your walk-in closet design; however, no matter how detailed those tutorials are, they can’t compare to the work that a professional who specializes in Gravesend, NY custom closets will deliver. Kings County closet designers are properly trained and have years of experience that they’ll use to guide them through the process of designing and installing your walk-in closet. Since they’ll use the highest quality products and proven installation techniques, you’ll get much better and longer-lasting results when you hire a pro to do the job for you.

Better Aesthetic Appeal

Functionality is the most vital objective of effective walk-in closet design; however, aesthetics are important, too. Gravesend, NY custom closets professionals will not incorporate the most effective storage solutions that will keep your belongings organized and your closet neat and tidy, but they’ll also incorporate an attractive design that will speak to your personal taste and style. You’ll be using your Kings County walk-in closet on a regular basis and will be spending more time than you realize in the space, and as such, it should feature a warm and welcoming design.


Like a lot of people who attempt their own walk-in closet design, you might think that taking the DIY approach will be less costly than hiring a Gravesend, NY custom closets designer and installer. In reality, however, doing the work yourself can actually end up costing you more. You’ll need to purchase all of the products, tools, and supplies on your own, which can end up being rather costly. Add to that the fact that if you buy the wrong items, install them and can’t return them, and then need to purchase additional materials and tools, or if you make any mistakes that require repairs, and DIY walk-in closet design could end up costing you a lot more than you initially planned. When you hire professional Kings County closet designers, they’ll work within your budget, and in the event that any errors do occur, they’ll be fully insured and will cover the cost of any repairs that may be necessary. In other words, hiring a professional to design and install your custom closet will cost you a lot less than doing the project yourself.

Contact Gravesend, NY’s Leading Custom Closets Designer

To take advantage of all of the above-mentioned benefits, get in touch with a leading Gravesend, NY custom closets company: Empire Closets. With more than 15 years of experience and a proven track record of success, you can count on us to deliver the highest quality, fastest, and most affordable results possible. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call 718-712-4244 or visit today!