Top closet door designs for your home

February 8, 2019

Closets are not only functional, but they also help to enhance your room’s beauty. Therefore, besides quality and durability, you also need to look for ways to improve its aesthetic. Choosing the right design for the closet door is one such way. While determining the best door for your closet, you need to consider your closet’s location and the amount of space available in the room. Regardless of the style, you should choose a closet door that comes with easy accessibility to all the contents inside and reflects your home. Nowadays, you also have the option to get custom closet doors in New York. With custom-made closet doors, you can add your taste to the room. The following are the top closet door styles you can choose for your home. Sliding doors - If traffic flow is an issue with your closet, choosing a sliding door is the right decision for you. Sliding doors are available in a wide range of finishes and styles, such as mirrored or raised panel, and frosted and translucent glass. However, the biggest drawback to sliding doors is that you can access to only one side of the closet at a time. Also, remember that a mirrored sliding doors can overwhelm a room. Traditional hinged swinging door - Most of the traditional homes have closets that feature a simple hinged swinging door or double doors. With this type of door, you can maximize the storage capacity of your closet by mounting racks, hooks, and pockets towards the back of the door. However, having a standard hinged outward swinging door, you can’t afford to have anything in the way, leading to a traffic flow problem for limited spaces. Bi-fold door - With a feature to fold back to one or both sides, bi-fold doors are the best alternative to sliding doors. They offer access to the full width of your closet. Plus, requires only half of the floor space than swinging door takes. However, bi-folding doors also need double the number of moving parts than sliding doors, which means twice the chances for falling off the tracks. Alternative doors - Besides these door designs, you also have other options for closet doors. Use your creativity with your closet door options.
  • Make use of panels of curtains or fabric for a closet door to include texture and color to your room.
  • Pocket doors are an ideal option for closets that are open more frequently.
  • If you’ve a rustic-style home, you must choose a barn door that slides along a top track.
These are the top closet door styles you can choose for your home. Do you need a reputable and experienced closet company in New York? Get in touch with Empire Closets - 855.367.2006. Read more

What your Home Says about you

October 4, 2014

organized closetEveryone’s home is different. Some people have lofts, others have condos and many have houses. Whether or not you consider yourself an interior designer, the way your home is designed and organized says a whole lot about who you are and what you do. A Loft Says… That you like your freedom. You are a very open person and don’t usually like to hide things from other people. Wooden Floors Say… That you are probably closer to nature than others and are environmentally conscientious. A large, open, organized closet says… That you are very well established in life and really care about how you look and present yourself. Read more

Three Tips For Success

June 16, 2014

1. Don’t Overextend: It’s hard to say no, but sometimes it’s the best answer. If you can’t put 100% into a project you’re hurting yourself and your chances for success. 2. Make a List: With all the personal and professional obligations we have each day it can get overwhelming. Make a list and tackle one thing at a time. 3. Listen: Be confident in yourself, but don’t be afraid of other people’s ideas. Try and understand where someone else is coming from before shooting them down. Are you ready to organize your life and take the next step to success? Find custom organization options for home or office at Read more

3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Closet

May 15, 2014

1. Hone Your Style: Style evolves over time. What is your style now? Answering this question before cleaning out your closet will make weeding out the items that no longer fit into the equation really stand out. 2. Two-Year Rule: If you have not worn an article of clothing in the past two years, you will mostly likely never wear it again. Get rid of these items to make way for new pieces. 3. Make Shopping List: Why do we clean out our closets? To fill them up again! Be sure to keep a running list of what you have gotten rid of from your closet, also known as the clothing items you will need to replace. Would your closet benefit from increased organization? Empire Closets Inc. offers fabulous custom closet options and services to give your closet the storage solutions it needs for better organization. Read more
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